E-Mail Cover Letters


How should you send cover letters electronically? In our book, Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates, we advise: “brevity is particularly important. For some readers, a screen of email seems equivalent to a page of type.” Other guidelines for sending your cover letter via email are:
  • Keep it brief; even shorter than a standard cover letter;
  • Know the company guidelines, which can usually be found on each company’s Web site (Check out our Directory of Company Career Centers.
  • Use limited formatting so that the letters can be more easily scanned (and because not everyone has email software that allows stylized text);
  • Make good use of keywords in your cover letter; As always, proofread and edit your work, making sure there are no errors of any kind. Need help with your resume, cover letter, or other career-marketing document? Order today from Quintessential Resumes and Cover Letters.