Emphasizing Strategic Value on Your Resume


Our colleague, Laura Smith-Proulx, has an excellent article on Careerealism entitled 3 Strategies for Writing a Bold, Branded Executive Resume. Here’s the first of her three strategies:

Demonstrate strategic, not tactical, value.

Employers are not only looking for your leadership skills — they’re intent on finding an executive champion that will impact growth, retain top talent, and impress their competitors.

Therefore, your executive resume has to take your brand message a step further than just results, and talk about context.

Consider whether the following situations apply to your background:

  • Heading a new growth strategy
  • Conceptualizing and leading the release of new products
  • Reacting to the threat of competition in the industry
  • Addressing the effect of the economic downturn

Next, write a short success story that pulls in the challenge and explains the reasons you got involved, plus the outcome, as shown in this example for a COO resume:

“Produced 142% increase in net income by transforming focus to life sciences markets; won contracts at AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, and Johnson & Johnson.”

Repeat this exercise for different situations, and create condensed summary versions of each story for your executive resume.