Employers Want to See Results on Resumes


A ResumeBucket study reveals that 51.6 percent of employers said “Results stated in the candidate’s experience” was the most eye-catching aspect they looked for on a resume – several times the second most common result, the list of Previous Employers, at 17.6 percent, and the third most common, tailored content for the job, at 13.2 percent. We constantly encourage job-seekers to emphasize accomplishments on their resumes (rather than duties and responsibilities), and descriptions of accomplishments are at their most effective when they include outcomes or results. Employers especially like to see quantified outcomes and results. The findings come from a survey sent to 1,500 HR managers and recruiters of the employers that currently use ResumeBucket’s services. The 10-question survey sampled recruiters’ plans for hiring in Q4 and into 2011; what stands out in a resume; and what tools they use to find candidates. resumestudy.jpg