Enclose Resume with Letter Requesting Informational Interview?


Some job-seekers wonder if they should include their resume with a letter or email requesting an informational interview. Informational interviews are the ultimate networking technique. Informational interviews are meetings you request to gather information and expand your network of contacts. What kind of information? The information you need to choose or refine a career path, learn how to break in and find out if you have what it takes to succeed. It’s the process of spending time (usually about 20-30 minutes, but sometimes much longer) with someone at a more advanced level in their career in a highly focused conversation that provides you with key information you need to launch or boost your career. The letter you send to a potential interviewee should be short and to the point. It is similar to a cover letter, but instead of asking for a job interview, you are requesting an informational interview. Do NOT send a resume with your letter, but DO bring a copy of your resume to the interview in case the interviewer asks to see it. Remember, an informational interview is NOT a backdoor method of gaining a job interview. Your letter should include a brief introduction about yourself and why you are writing to this particular individual. Be specific about your career interests and request an interview to gain his or her insights into the field. The last paragraph should include a sentence about how and when you will follow-up with this person. Get a much more detailed overview of everything you could possibly ever want to know about informational interviews by going to the Quintessential Careers Informational Interview Tutorial.