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Expressing Passion in Your Cover Letter


Heather Eagar, former professional resume writer, advises job-seekers to convey their passions in cover letters — whether for the job you’re targeting or for the company you seek to join. Particularly in troubled economic times, you might seek a job because you “really need the money,” Eagar says, but “dig a little deeper to find your passion.” “Another way to bring out the passion in your cover letter,” Eagar advises, “is by studying the company’s job posting and visiting their corporate mission for more information on their goals. By doing this, you can wrap your mind around what they’re looking for in an employee, which is a great way to better align your goals and interests with theirs.” The bottom line, Eagar notes, is to “create a passionate cover letter that expresses your desire to make a difference in the company — even if you’re not yet excited about it. So dig for that passion, express it well, and let your cover letter guide you to your next great job opportunity.” Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer who provides job seekers with current, reliable and effective job search tools and information.