First of Six Tips to Rock Your Resume


“Is your resume holding you back from a great opportunity?” asks Joe Turner in his article Six Tips to Rock Your Resume for Quintessential Careers. “As a recruiter, I’ve seen thousands of resumes over the past 15 years. The majority of them didn’t make the cut and needed major revisions. “The stakes are higher today because the job market has intensified, and employers are getting more selective. Having a poorly written resume can put you in the rejection pile. Don’t let your resume hold you back. “Turner offers six easy steps to really rock your resume and motivate hiring managers to call you. The first appears below, and the rest of the tips will appear here over the next five days. Apply the Top-Third Rule “Place your key selling statements up in the top one-third of your first page. Your resume gets no more than 20 seconds of eyeball time before your reader has made the decision to either continue reading or to pass. Grab attention early and place your most dramatic sales pitch as close to the top of page one as possible.”