Fix Resume Grammar, Spelling, and Typos


Continuing the resume-polishing tips begun recently: Resume Polishing Tip #6: Fix Grammar, Spelling, Typos
An easy fix for many professional resume writers is catching and fixing the typos and spelling and grammatical errors — which you should easily be able to fix as well. These errors are among the major pet peeves of hiring managers — many of whom will not tolerate even one on your resume. You can start reviewing your resume with spell-check, of course, but that’s not even the bare minimum. Proof-reading is essential to weed out other misspellings and typos a spell-check program won’t catch (such as spelling “manager” as “manger,” “possess” as “posses,” or “thorough” as “through”). Especially be careful about company and software names, which are frequently misspelled and can damage your credibility. Try reading your resume backwards — as well as enlisting a trusted friend or family member to proofread your resume.