For Cover Letter, Consider Researching Addressee


Continuing our series excerpted from our new, free white paper, Cover Letter Reboot: A Crowdsourced Update of Traditional Cover-letter Advice for Today’s Job Search, which you can download here. If you prefer not to download, you can read the contents here. WhitePaperScreenshot.jpg In this part of the series, we asked hiring decision-makers to describe cover letters that really wowed them. Each post over the next several days will reveal one decision-maker’s response: One candidate had done a lot of research on me and knew I was once a professional tennis player, and actually cited the time he took up tennis lessons as a kid, failed at it, and hated it. The resourcefulness, honesty, and humility impressed me a lot.
   — Mike Sprouse, chief marketer, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist See all the parts of the white paper/Cover Letter Reboot package: Cover Letter Wish List: Hiring Decision-Makers Reveal What They Want to See in Cover Letters, Hiring Decision-Makers Cite Top Cover-Letter Mistakes that Disqualify Job-Seekers, and Cover Letters That Wowed: Hiring Decision-Makers Describe Winning Cover Letters.