Free E-Book Offers Resume Guidance to New Grads


Quintessential Careers Press presents The Quintessential Guide to Surefire Resumes for New Graduates and Other Entry-Level Candidates ISBN-10: 1-934689-06-8 ISBN-13: 978-1-934689-06-6 You’re graduating from college soon — or you’ve already graduated. Time to perfect your resume and cover letter and ensure they are as powerful as they can be. Powerful new-grad resumes and cover letters can set you apart from the competition and ease the launch of your first major job search. Surefire_Resumes.jpg The Quintessential Guide to Surefire Resumes for New Graduates and Other Entry-Level Candidates, published by the trusted career experts at Quintessential Careers, provides seven chapters that will help you pack punch into your resume and cover letter and then gives you two chapters of tools — worksheets and samples to guide you to applying what you’ve learned from the book to creating surefire career-marketing documents. Here’s what you’ll find: Introduction: New-grad Resumes and Cover Letters as Marketing Tools. Read the Introduction now. Chapter 1: Consider the Employer’s Perspective. To prepare an effective resume and cover letter, you must put yourself in the mind-set of the employer. Chapter 2: Forget About the One-Size-All Resume and Cover Letter. Your documents must be customized and tailored to specific jobs and situations. Chapter 3: Make the Most of Your College Experience. You may think you are woefully underqualified, but you can depict numerous aspects of your college experience as relevant to the career you seek. Chapter 4: Portray your Skills as Transferable and Applicable to Your Post-college Career. How to relate the skills you’ve gained to the skills employers seek. Chapter 5: Focus on Accomplishments. Though it’s not easy for new grads to brainstorm accomplishments, they are crucial to your resume and cover letter. Chapter 6: Pack Your Resume and Cover Letter with Keywords. Learn to identify the keywords that will enable your documents to be found in database searches. Chapter 7: Strive for Readability. Fine-tune your resume and cover letter by eliminating typos/misspellings, refining their length, polishing their appearance, preparing them for online and postal-mail delivery, and more. Chapter 8: Putting It All Together: Worksheets to Develop Your Resume and Cover Letter. Build or polish your documents using these worksheets, checklists, and do’s and don’ts. Chapter 9: Surefire New-grad Resume and Cover Letter Samples. A collection of example resumes and cover letters to inspire you.