Free Resume Templates, Though Problematic, Can Help Newbies


The site Resume In a Box offers 32 free resume templates for Microsoft Word. I downloaded the templates — the site does not even require registration — and was pleased that there seems to be no catch to this free offer (although the offer is supposed to include a free ebook, which I didn’t find and also could not locate the “details below” about the ebook on the site). I randomly looked at a few of the templates. They offer many of the same problems as the Web-based resume builders we discuss in this article. Use of colored backgrounds and other use of color in the templates is a particular issue. Some of the template designs also seemed rather dated, not surprising since they seem to have been created in 2003. I believe, however, that templates can provide a decent way to start a resume if you’ve never written one before because they provide a basic understanding of how a resume should be organized. It certainly won’t hurt you to download the free templates. You might get some design ideas from them or learn how to set up your resume. But read some articles and books about effective resume writing, and build on any resume you create with a free template until it’s the best it can be. Or hire a professional.