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Get a Free Resume-Writing Course Via Email


Well-respected resume writer and blogger Louise Fletcher of Blue Sky Resumes offers a no-cost resume-writing course in which lessons are delivered by email over 10 days. The first one will arrive as soon as you sign up. The course promises to help you:
  • Discover the shift in perspective that will transform your resume into a recruiter magnet.
  • Do the one thing none of your competitors are doing.
  • Learn the simple formula for proving you can add value. (This one change alone will boost your success rate).
  • Find out the secret ingredient that even most professional resume writers don’t know.
  • Master one easy strategy to dramatically increase your response rate, no matter what position you are applying for.
Fletcher notes that there’s no catch to signing up. “We’re giving away this information to help spread the word about our company,” she says. “We’ll never spam you or share your information