Getting Help with Cover Letter, Resume


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Elaine writes: I am seeking help with my cover letter. I have a basic resume, but would like to improve it. I need help. I currently quit my eight-year-long job and went to work in an environment I am very unhappy in.
The Career Doctor responds: You are right to want to try and make your cover letter and resume as strong as possible. Your resume, especially, should be polished regularly. Let’s start with your cover letter. Your cover letter is a marketing document — in which you are trying to spark the interest of the potential employer. I am amazed at how many cover letter “experts” advise people to waste their first paragraphs — which are the most important part of your cover letter. In this first paragraph, you need to attract the interest of the potential employer, not simply state that you are applying for a job. You can read more about the Dynamic Cover Letters Cover Letter Formula or visit the Quintessential Careers Cover Letter Tutorial. Now to your resume. Resumes have not changed all that much over the last few years, with the exception of text-based resumes and the move toward using keywords or skills summaries in resumes. You should make sure your resume includes strong action verbs to describe your accomplishments (not your duties). You may also want to read up on transferable skills. All this resume information can be found at Quintessential Careers: Resume Resources.