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Graphics Can Enhance Your Resume, Especially Print Version


“Today’s resumes often incorporate visual images, graphics, tables, charts, icons, logos, text boxes, borders and shading,” notes the white paper, Findings of 2010 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the Now, the New & the Next in Careers. The brainstorming day was held in December 2010 by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, publishers of the white paper. BrainDayReport.jpg While these elements don’t always mesh well with employers’ Applicant Tracking System software programs, they are powerful in a “print” resume. Print resumes aren’t used as much as they used to be since most resume submissions these days are electronic. But there’s still a place for them, such as for networking, to take to an interview, to offer as a downloadable document on the job-seeker’s own Web site, and in those rare situations where a resume is sent by postal mail or faxed. The white paper notes that “visuals provide an instantly competitive edge because they’re distinct and get noticed.” Of course, job-seekers must be judicious with their use of these graphic elements; don’t try to use too many in one resume. And photos of the job-seeker are never appropriate.