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Job Action Day: Guest Resume Tips


Gwen Martin, managing partner for NumberWorks, a Minneapolis firm specializing in placing accounting and finance consultants, has seen hundreds of resumes and offers guest tips for today, Job Action Day. The idea behind the day is to encourage workers and job-seekers to take at least one proactive step toward shoring up and improving their jobs or careers. Implementing Martin’s tips represents one of the steps you can take on this day: JobActionDay1d.jpg
  1. Always have an updated resume. So often, people tend to modernize their resume only when they are seeking employment. In reality, you should always be adding any professional accomplishments as they happen to ensures that you won’t forget about the thousands of dollars you may have saved the company, or any processes you improved — saving the company time and money.
  2. Use spell check. It is amazing how many resumes come across my desk that will have a misspelled word.
  3. Make your resume easy to read. Hiring managers look at resumes like drivers going past a billboard. They don’t “read” it. They look them over at a high-speed glance. Use bullet points and leave white space so it is easy on the eyes to read. You can always elaborate on your accomplishments in your interview.