How long should your Cover Letter be

Cover Letter Lenght

A well-written cover letter is vital to anyone looking for a job, because this is the key to jobhunting success. The resume and the cover letter must support and complement each other. It is important to realize that the cover letter must be brief and compact. There is no need to include everything on it when you write a cover letter.

How the resume can shorten your cover letter

Instead of including everything in your cover letter, you should include the essential information within your resume. Write your cover with care: a very long letter can turn you down as employers are not interested in reading a novel. Job application is a process that you need to go through, so you need to start right by writing a concise and impressive cover letter. The cover letter will be read first before your resume, keep this in mind. It depends on your cover letter if they will read your resume or not.

Resume should include personal background, educational background and work experiences, so it means that all of this information is not necessity within the cover letter. If you want to see some resume examples to avoid repeat the same information in your cover letter, check

Do not repeat resume to cover letter

A cover letter is not a summary of your resume. If you want it to be brief, then you should avoid rewriting your resume to your cover letter. An impressive cover letter must highlight relevant skills as well as your experiences and connect these to the job position that you are applying for. It means that your letter serve as a bridge to connect your resume as well as the job description.

Create coordination with your resume and cover letter

Aside from neat and visually appealing cover letter writing, it is important that it coordinates with your resume. For example, you need to use the same font size and style to your resume and cover letter. A cover letter must support your resume. Everything that you include within the cover letter will be remembered by the person who read it, so it is imperative that there is no contrasting statement between the two.

Make it Simple

As much as possible you should refrain from overdoing your cover letter, unless you are applying as graphic designer. This will just make your cover letter look unprofessional. It will not attract, instead the reader may lose their interest in reading your letter. Simple font style and size can make your letter look organize and brief.

How to make it brief

It is important that your cover letter maintain the interest of your reader within 10 seconds. If you go straight to the point, then the reader will be very interested to know more about you by reading your resume. As much as possible, you need to avoid writing long sentences and paragraphs. There is no need to elaborate and explain everything that is in your resume. The main objective of writing a cover letter is to bring out the curiosity of the employer.

Writing a cover letter is not a difficult task, if you will just follow these simple tips on how you can make your cover letter short as possible. A cover letter must highlight your strength by being specific. This is the key to convince the reader that you are worthy of their time and you deserve a spot for an interview.

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