How to Address Cover Letter for Online Submission


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Kelly writes: When submitting a cover letter and application via the “career opportunity” section of a company’s website, what street address does one use and to whom is it addressed? Since many of the larger companies may have several branches in the area, how can you know where your email is going and also, who is receiving it?
The Career Doctor responds: A two-part question, so let me answer in two parts. I’ve found that most corporate career centers give you explicit instructions for how they want to receive your cover letter and resume. Some request that you email it, some request that you submit it via a form from the company’s Website, some request that you fax it, and a very small few ask you to mail it. Some will include the name of the hiring manager, while others will simply ask you to respond with a job number. Email cover letters are a bit different from regular cover letters, though most of the same rules apply, so you are wise in asking about how to address the letter. While our book, Dynamic Cover Letters, provides some good information and sample email cover letters, we also offer an new article, titled Tips for a Dynamic Email Cover Letter. This article will give you all the direction you need, along with a sample email cover letter.