How to Address Cover Letter to Blind Ad


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Anonymous writes: In your Do’s and Don’ts you say to always address the cover letter to a specific person. Most of the job opportunities that I am sending to are blind drops. There is no person listed to send to. They frequently are email sites with no names attached. How should this be handled?
The Career Doctor responds: For those who are unaware, let me stress the rule before addressing your question. First, always send a cover letter with your resume unless the employer specifically requests that you do not send a cover letter (and very few do this). Second, always strive to address the cover letter to a named individual rather than rather a title or job number. The problem with a number of online job postings is that they do not list the name of the hiring manager — and some of the ads even go as far as to request “no phone calls.” So, what is the good job-seeker to do? It’s a two-part answer. First part: you can follow the rules and simply address the letter to the “Hiring Manager for Job #49394” or “Dear Friends” or “Dear Boxholder.” Don’t use a sexist salutation, such as “Gentlemen” when answering a blind ad. Second part: I cannot stress this important fact often enough — are you ready? When job-hunting, job-seekers should use as many sources as possible to find job leads. And if you need to rely more heavily on one source over another, put the emphasis on networking, not job postings. A good article for you is Maximize Your Internet Job Search, published on Quintessential Careers. And to get more help with networking, go to the Art of Networking section of Quintessential Careers.