How to Address Cover Letter When You Don't Know Whom You're Writing To


Wondering how to address a cover letter in response to a blind ad in which no contact person, address, or business/organization name is listed? As we write in our book, Dynamic Cover Letters (Ten Speed Press), sometimes employers, for various reasons, place blind classified ads that do not identify the company. But some blind ads are more blind than others. Some may use the initials for the company’s name sent to a post office box. In these cases, you may be able to discover the name of the company. The most common blind ad, however, uses only a box number at the publication carrying the ad, and in these cases, there is virtually no way to uncover the name of the company. So, how do you address your cover letter? Our favorite for blind-box ads is “Dear Boxholder.” We’ve also often used “Dear Friends” or “Dear Hiring Manager for [name of position].” Avoid at all costs “To Whom it May Concern,” or worse, a sexist salutation such as “Gentlemen.” Finally, it is also acceptable when responding to a blind-box ad to omit the salutation and begin with the body of the letter.