How to Help Employers Find the Needle in the Haystack: YOU


In the context of exploring how hiring decision-makers sort through the reams of resumes they receive for each job, Jennifer J. Salopek writes on Workforce Management about what these decision-makers look for in job-search documents. Some excerpts (paraphrased):
Recruiters look for candidates with a proven track record, including quantifiable results. They want to know how the candidate got those results.
Decision-makers want to know the value a candidate can bring to a position and see that value expressed in “market-relevant terms.”
Cover letters can provide relevant insights into the job-seeker and can help explain employment gaps.
Some decision-makers like to see a “brief statement of core competencies and career objectives.”
Hiring decision-makers want candidates to help them “connect the dots” by showing how their qualifications relate to a position’s requirements. Using keywords from a job posting can help the reader connect those dots.
Many decision-maker “vet candidates online,” such as through social media venues and blogs.