If You Can't Focus Your Resume on a Clear Target, You Might Need Professional Help


Our colleague Meg Guiseppi offers an article, 6 Big Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Great C-Level Executive Resume. Over several days, we’re looking at her reasons:

You’re writing your resume without a clear target in mind.

I can’t tell you how many clients tell me their resumes need to cover several bases, because they have expertise in so many areas. Although it’s wonderful to have such a diverse background, I explain that an unfocused, generic resume will likely be worthless in their job search.

Step one, before any writing begins, is identifying your target audience, so you’ll know who you’re writing to and what they’ll want to see in your resume.

If your resume isn’t deeply focused on a specific target, how can you align what you have to offer with what the position requires and the company needs?

Everything in your resume must powerfully position you as the solution to whatever problems are impacting that particular organization. Extraneous information underuses the limited space on your resume.

Do some research and gather as much information as possible about your target job(s) before crafting your resume.