If You Want to Be in the Employer's “A” Pile, Your Resume Must Fit the Job's Profile


Last fall, on CareerRocketeer, Perry Newman wrote about the practice of “resume profiling.” This practice means that during the initial resume screening process, which Newman noted is “generally a quick, perfunctory reading of the resume” the reader “seeks to identify whether this candidate meets the pre-determined profile that has already been drawn up for this hire.” Many candidates will have similar qualifications, Newman said, but it’s one who best fits this profile whose resume will be on the top of the pile of those to be interviewed. “In other words,” Newman wrote, “if you want to be placed in the pile of resumes that are deemed worthy of an interview, you must present yourself as fitting the profile for the position in both skills and personality.” When writing resumes for clients, Newman uses the profile section at the top to portray the candidate as someone who fits the profile. How do you know what material will help you match the profile? You’ll find most of it in the job posting for the position. For the “personality” factor, research the employer by thoroughly reviewing its Web site and talking to folks who work there. Biggest lesson: You have to tweak your resume for each job you apply for.