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In Cover Letter, Refer to Yourself in the First Person


TeenaRoseBook.jpg Your resume is a straightforward listing of your skills, employment history and other qualifications, but you don’t want to take the same tone in your cover letter. Referring to yourself in the first person (using the word “I”) is preferable. Some applicants may think that choosing the third person makes a cover letter stand out, but in reality this approach can be disconcerting to the person reading it. “I have written advertising copy for more than 10 years” is much stronger than “John Doe has written advertising copy for more than 10 years.” [EDITOR’S NOTE: When I researched a book on executive resumes, hiring decision-makers told me they loathe career-marketing materials in third-person.]

This tip is excerpted with permission from Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel, an e-book by Teena Rose. For more cover-letter tips, visit Teena’s Bookstore to download your copy for $27.77. You can also download a free 19-page excerpt.