Include Volunteer Work on Your Resume


A Guest Post by William Frierson. William Frierson is a staff writer for From time to time, we’re publishing guest posts via Recruiting Blogswap. Volunteering your time to help someone or support a good cause is something most people are proud of. However, it seems that some job seekers are reluctant when it comes to including this work on their resumes. If you are looking for a job, it is important not to sell yourself short in your job search by not referencing volunteer work. A recent article reported that in one survey 41 percent of hiring managers recognize volunteering as valuable work experience., which is good to know, especially for entry-level job-seekers who don’t necessarily have a lot of work experience. In addition, you can tell an employer about the kind of employee you could be. So, why don’t more people include volunteer work on their resumes? Apparently, they think it does not count, but that is not true. When it comes to your job search, one factor can make a difference. Volunteer work is a great way to help someone or support a good cause, and should be included on your resume. Allow your good work to assist your job search. Information provided by Anne Fisher. Source: Fortune/CNN

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