Keep Negative Info Out of Your Cover Letter


We’re often asked how to handle negative information, such as a layoff or termination in a cover letter. The answer is don’t. Never, never — never ever — include any negative information in your cover letter. Negative information immediately puts your cover letter (and entire application) into the trash. Think of your cover letter as a sales document. Thus, talk only of the great things about you and how you are going to make a contribution to your future employer. Discuss what you can bring to the employer; discuss your key skills and qualities. Spend some time on our tutorial on cover letters. Go to the Dynamic Cover Letters Tutorial For Developing a Stunningly Effective Cover Letter. You’ll find more than 100 pages of advice, hints, and samples to help you create successful cover letters. You might also want to read an article from my partner, Katharine Hansen: Cover Letter Success is All About Specifics.