Key Leadership Questions Your Resume Should Answer


A free report from ExecuNet, The New Leadership Skills You Need, advises executives to explain the role that leadership and teamwork played in creating efficiencies. Key questions an executive’s résumé should answer are: image_promolanding_leadershipskills.gif
  • How did you work with the CFO in formulating and executing annual budgets?
  • How did you ensure that the budget was consistent with the overall corporate strategy?
  • How did you work with the CIO or vice president of engineering to implement technologies that improved your area of responsibility?
  • How did you select and manage baseline managers and analysts during these projects? How did you organize and oversee task forces or steering committees to execute large initiatives?
  • To the extent that the initiative had a greater impact on the supply chain, how did you plan and manage the roles of customers or vendors?
“Classic marketing wisdom is to sell benefits and not features,” says Chuck Langenhop, director of Texas-based CFO Advisory Services LP. “By quantifying the savings, explaining the organizational benefit and describing personal leadership that created win-win solutions internally and with outside business partners, the executive can make a compelling case that he or she has developed skills that will create value in another organization.” Download the report by going here.