Improve Your Resume Language Skills

Improve Your Resume Language Skills

9 Sep, 2014


When submitting your resume online or writing one to go alongside a job application, making it stand out from the crowd is what it is all about. Especially when tailoring a resume for a particular job, having something that is a little bit different can help. Of course, you may have an individual set of skills or a hobby that makes you stand out when sending your resume via email.

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However, one thing that really helps is to highlight your resume language skills. In the modern workplace the large majority of employers are looking for language skills which can be used in a variety of ways. You Don’t simply need to inform potential employers of languages in which you are fully fluent-all language skills should be recorded on a resume, even if you are at an intermediate or beginner level.

Why Employers Like Languages

Resume language skills help you stand out because it shows that you have a commitment to learning, particularly if you improve your language skills in adult life and Don’t just rely on what you might have picked up in school. Skills with languages also demonstrate your ability to communicate well with a wide variety of people-even if you are not going to use the language you have in the job in question. Simply put, people with language skills generally make better employees.

How to Gain Language Skills

These days online language learning is the simplest way of acquiring new language skills or brushing up on old ones. Websites like Lingualia, an online learning languages solution, allow professionals to gain all the language skills they might need. To learn languages online, all that is needed is a computer or a tablet and a few hours of free time.

The great thing about Lingualia is that the learning can fit in around other work and home commitments because the teaching is flexible. Students can choose when they start a course and pause it at any moment to pick up again later. This approach is simply not possible with a traditional classroom set up. For a resume, online learning also looks good for a potential employer, because it demonstrates a flexible approach to learning in today’s information age.

Improving English

For those who do not have English as their first language, showing that you have engaged with English practice classes can help with many types of job application, especially when this fact is highlighted on your resume. Again, online sites like Lingualia, can help with improving English skills as well as other languages from around the globe.

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