Make Resume Accomplishments-Driven


Echoing a sentiment that we certainly agree with, resume writer JoAnn Nix gave the following advice in an interview: “A resume should be accomplishment-oriented, not responsibility-driven. The biggest mistake that I see in the resumes people send me is that they list responsibilities. That doesn’t grab anybody’s attention. People aren’t interested in your responsibilities. They already know the general responsibilities of a position, so they don’t want to know what you do from day to day. They want to know that you’re a mover and a shaker: How you contribute to the organization, how you show initiative, that you can be a key player. That’s what they want to see. “For example, if you’re a sales and marketing manager, you could say: Joined organization to spearhead sales and marketing initiative for newly developed territory. Lead the aggressive turnaround of a poorly performing district and propelled sales from one to six million in 14 months. That’s the type of accomplishment they want to see.”