More Than Two-Thirds of HR Managers Seek Cover Letters


More than two-thirds of human-resource managers view well-written, PERSONALIZED cover letters as advantageous to a job applicant, as reported in Resume Writer’s Digest. Nearly half believe that cover letters are more important — or as important as — resumes. In still another poll, this one from HRnext/BenefitsNext, 7 percent of respondents said the cover letter is so important that it can clinch a job, and nearly 40 percent characterized cover letters as “among the important factors” in the hiring process.” “It depends on the job” was the response of 22 percent, which is important to note for those aspiring to jobs in which they will be judged by how well they express themselves. According to almost 20 percent of respondents, a good cover won’t necessarily land you the job, but an awful one will throw you out of contention. For an overall refresher on cover letters, see our Cover Letter Tutorial.