No-Cost Cover-Letter Template Reduces Angst


The other day, we told you about Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim’sStrategy and his popular resume template that’s available as a free download (We also mentioned his spectacular selection of other free tools for download,). TimsStrategy.jpg We like Tim’s cover-letter template even better. He offers a Tutorial explaining his rationale behind how he set up the cover-letter template. We especially like the “3 Reasons” section in which the job-seeker offers three succinct reasons he or she should be interviewed. Our least favorite part is the “Work Philosophy” section because it doesn’t seem specific to the targeted job and appears to be an obstacle to getting into the meat of the letter. Let’s face it, for many job-seekers, the idea of writing a cover letter is fraught with angst. Tim’s template gives a simple formula to follow yet allows for plenty of tailoring to the targeted job and employer. Stay tuned in May when we’ll be presenting some new research on employers’ cover-letter preferences.