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No Response to Resumes and Cover Letters


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Kyle writes: I have sent out numerous resumes and cover letters and have received no response. I have a bachelor’s degree in communications, served an internship and have one solid year of experience. I have had several opinions about the format and quality of both my cover letters and resume with very positive feedback. I don’t know what to do. Please help. I have attached a resume and cover letter for your feedback if you have the time.
The Career Doctor responds: I think the one rule of job-hunting that no one ever talks about enough is the need to be proactive. You could send out tons of resumes and cover letters, post your resume online, and apply to job postings, but you won’t get as many interviews (or job offers) if you wait for the employers to call you. Job-seekers need to be aggressive in finding a job; it is not a passive activity. You need to call all those companies where you have sent your resume and ask about the status of filling those positions. Of course, one of the other rules of job-hunting is that the best way to find a job is through networking, not sending out resumes or posting your resume on job boards. My partner has written a great book about networking that is extremely useful and really shows you the ins and outs of successful networking. Go to your library or your favorite bookstore and get a copy of A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (Ten Speed). You should also visit the networking section of Quintessential Careers. Finally, unless you are completely sure of the strength of your resume and cover letter, you might consider getting it critiqued. Check out the services offered at: Quintessential Resumes and Cover Letters, powered by CareerPerfect.