No Surprise: Related Work Experience Is What Employers Most Seek on Resumes


In the 2010 Orange County Resume Survey*, 28 percent of responding employers said previous related work experience is the most important aspect they look for in resumes. For 22 percent, skills and qualifications are the most important aspect. The fact that a resume is easy to read is the most important aspect for 16 percent. Ten percent find accomplishments the most important aspect. Spelling and grammar get the attention of 9 percent. Aspects that each get support from 6 percent of respondents are education and “intangibles: individuality/desire to succeed.” Two percent find a clear objective to be the most important aspect, while 1 percent feel that added keywords are most important. Respondents showed no support for contact information, “personal experiences,” or computer skills as the most important resume aspects.

*The 2010 Orange County Resume Survey by The Center for Career and Life Development, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA, Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer, was distributed by email to 2,000+ employer contacts in Orange County and shared online employer contacts in Orange County and shared online via social-networking sites including and Twitter.