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Omit Subjective Fluff from Your Resume


Continuing to cite resume and cover-letter aspects of Alison Green’s excellent slideshow-style article on what hiring managers really want — in which each slide represents an article she’s written in the past: “Your résumé is for experience and accomplishments only,” Green declares. “It’s not the place for subjective traits, like ‘great leadership skills’ or ‘creative innovator.’ I ignore anything subjective that an applicant writes about herself, because so many people’s self-assessments are wildly inaccurate and I don’t yet know enough about the candidate to have any idea if hers is reliable or not.” Now, if you can substantiate those subjective claims with accomplishments-driven facts and metrics, you may convince the reader. For example:
“Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by motivating team to beat software-conversion deadline by two weeks, thus saving company $15. million.”
Green’s subjective-material tip comes from an article on 7 things that should be left off your resume