On Resume, Show Your Brand Value Compared to the Competition


Here’s the final strategy (of three) our colleague, Laura Smith-Proulx discusses in her excellent article on Careerealism entitled 3 Strategies for Writing a Bold, Branded Executive Resume. Compare yourself to leadership peers.

Comparative analysis is one of the best ways to frame and express executive achievement, which helps to highlight your leadership brand value versus your competition.

For example, you might have brought in changes that were critical to company growth or customer perception – with bottom-line results. Look at each job for evidence of the following:

  • New operational procedures that saved time or money
  • Comparisons to your predecessor in the same role
  • Performance measurements against colleagues with the same job title and function
  • Industry comparisons for others in a similar role

Here, you’ll want to ensure the comparisons made are clearly conveyed on your resume, as in this example of a CEO in the pharmaceutical industry:

“Revitalized product sales with 65% growth after taking over sales team–despite lackluster results during preceding 2 years.”

If you were specifically recruited because of the results you could deliver (and surpassed other candidates in the hiring process), be sure to note this in your executive resume.