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On Resumes, Nearly Half of Job-Seekers Fail to Mitigate Obstacles


The Research Study: How Does Your Résumé Compare? Competitive Career Intelligence for 6-Figure Canadians* found in resumes assessed that 47 percent of candidates did not mitigate one or more obstacles. ResearchStudy.png WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT: Ideally, employers want to retain employees who come to them with a flawless background. At the very least, they do not want to secure someone who harbours serious career issues. WHAT TO DO: Most candidates have circumstances in their background that might be construed by potential employers as concerns. These concerns are likely to create barriers to their employment. By shifting the emphasis away from problems in their career path candidates can accentuate their strengths and talents. Individuals who truthfully and strategically minimize and/or eliminate potential obstacles from their résumé are likely to receive more interviews.

*Graham Management Group (GMG), a Canadian firm specializing in career-transition solutions for executives, managers, and six-figure professionals, examined and analyzed 1,000 résumés submitted in 2009 to the group by senior-level Canadians. GMG performed the analysis by methodically applying validated strategic résumé principles and theories in a structured manner across all documents. We’re excerpting some results of this analysis over the next several weeks.