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Organizing Your Cover Letter


The introductory paragraph obviously is very important to ensure the reader “cares” about your submission. The starting sentences of each subsequent paragraph should also encourage readers to keep reading. In fact, each paragraph should be a main point, and then each subsequent sentence should contain supporting details. Professionals who write corporate communications will also tell you that little things, such as word choices, can have a huge impact on how often and how fully your letter is scanned. When completing the draft, analyze each paragraph to ensure your key points and thoughts are catalogued correctly. Replace words appropriately, identify and delete content that isn’t adding value to your candidacy, and ensure your sentences are placed in order of importance.

This tip is excerpted with permission from Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel, an e-book by Teena Rose. For more cover-letter tips, visit Teena’s Bookstore to download your copy for $27.77. You can also download a free 19-page excerpt.