Plan Post-Interview Thank-You Letter in Advance


We bring you a final excerpt from an excellent blog post entitled Never underestimate the importance of your companions by Kelly Blokdijk of TalentTalks, which discusses — by offering real-life examples — the important role that cover letters and thank-you letters can play in the job search:
You might want to start writing a thank-you note as soon as you have an interview scheduled. You can add the custom touches after your meeting. That is when you take the time to recap the critical skills you bring and reemphasize any pertinent discussion points. Don’t delay building the foundation of your thank-you note until after you’ve interviewed.
Blokdijk goes on to describe a job-seeker who contacted her in a panic, having still not sent a thank-you note a day and a half after her interview. Planning out the framework of a thank-you letter before the interview is a great idea so that right afterwards, you can add some quick (but thoughtful) customization and send the letter right away — within 24 hours of the interview. We know that thank-you letters are an item that job-seekers truly struggle with because — of all the content on Quint Careers — thank-you letter samples are the second-most searched for item. Our Thank You Letter Worksheet can be a big help, too.