Polish Your Resume Like a Pro


Most job-seekers understand — or should understand — that their resume is often the deciding factor in whether they get invited for a job interview. The resume is the key tool that hiring managers use to categorize job applicants (and virtually the only tool when networking is not involved). Given this information and knowledge, it is still astonishing how many job-seekers are using bad, boring, and weak resumes. Rather than rehashing the common problems and errors found on resumes — which you can read in some of our other resume articles — we will present over the next seven days seven tips that professional resume writers use when polishing the resume of a client. As one of our favorite job-seekers told us recently (as she was going for her second promotion in less than a year), resume-writing is an easy process once you understand the fundamentals, putting your own spin on the final product, and polishing it like a pro. Before you lose out on another great job opportunity or give up even trying — and before you decide to spend big bucks on hiring a professional resume writer, try using the upcoming simple, but effective tips to polish your resume like a pro.