Pro Resume Writers Talk about VisualCVs


HR pro turned consultant Sharlyn Lauby, recently asked professional resume writers to comment on VisualCVs (Learn more about them in this video, VisualCV in Plain English):
Erin [Kennedy, president of Professional Resume Services], is a fan of VisualCVs and offers them to clients. “They are great for people in any industry or position because clients can upload images, charts, presentations, awards — essentially your whole portfolio. You can then get a customized URL that you can give to people if you are at a business luncheon, mixer, etc. and don’t have your resume on hand. Plus, it gives the reader a different perspective on YOU.”
Dawn [Bugni, owner of The Write Solution] agrees that a well-done VisualCV can be a solid addition to a job seeker career package. But cautions job seekers not to use them as a first-point-of-contact document. “The VisualCV (VCV) should be carefully crafted and continue to enhance the message and value established by the rest of the job seekers career information. Just as the resume and LinkedIn profile derives from a ‘what does the reader want to know?’ perspective, so should the VisualCV. If information does not support the search, then it should not appear on the resume or the VCV. Each piece of a job seeker’s toolkit needs to stand alone yet must also integrate with and enhance the rest of the information.”