Project Personality, Emphasize Fit in Resume and Cover Letter


Concluding our series on the resume and cover-letter aspects of Alison Green’s excellent slideshow-style article on what hiring managers really want — in which each slide represents an article she’s written in the past: “You might not get hired because your working style would clash with the people you’d be working with,” Green writes. “Often, one personality type will simply fit better into a department than another will, and that’s the kind of thing that’s very difficult (if not impossible) for a candidate to know. Remember, it’s not just a question of whether you have the skills to do the job, it’s also a question of fit for this particular position, with this particular boss, in this particular culture, in this particular company.” Green’s advice illustrates why it’s important to research employers — so you can emphasize in your resume and cover letter how well you fit with them and their culture. Your cover letter — and resume to a lesser extent — is also a good opportunity to provide a glimpse into your personality. Portray yourself as an interesting person worthy of getting to know better in an interview. Also depict yourself as someone who would fit right in on a prospective employer’s team.