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Reason No. 1 This Recruiter Will Read Your Resume: You Are Qualified and Completely Understand the Position


Last year, Steven Coyne, recruiter/owner of The Job Hunter Group, wrote a blog post called 3 Reasons I’ll Read Your Resume. Here is his first reason:
You’ve given me what I want by reading the job description COMPLETELY! If you haven’t, why would you apply? Would you only read what stands out on a medicine bottle, only to find out later that there are side effects (in the small print) that may adversely affect your health? The health of your personal economic stability depends on reading completely.
If you are just posting resumes everywhere, hoping one will stick; you’re wasting YOUR time. Give me what I want by writing a short and concise cover letter. It should include a short summary of your experiences that “MATCH” the job description. If they don’t match, DON’T APPLY! If a job description is short and vague, contact me and ask for any clarification I can offer.
Make SURE you are qualified before you apply. You’ll save yourself a lot of precious time by focusing on the importance of being qualified.