Recruiters Advise No More than Two Pages, Even for Executive Resumes


This post is part of a series of excerpts from ExecuNet’s report, Making Your Résumé Recruiter Ready By ExecuNet contributing editor Marji McClure. You can download a free copy by going here.
image_promolanding_resume_recruiter_ready.gif The first thing a recruiter sees is a résumé’s length — whether it is a printed document or one they have to scroll through on their computer screen. When crafting their new résumé, executive job seekers often wonder if the document should be just one page or multiple pages. The surveyed recruiters had mixed feelings about this aspect. Some said two pages was enough. Others said more was better. “Use as many pages as required to show all experience in detail from day one,” says one ExecuNet-surveyed recruiter. Executive branding expert David Topus agrees with sticking with a traditional length of two pages. “If you run longer, make sure what you’re writing is compelling and engaging and will keep the interest of the reader,” he says. “People will read more if what they’re reading is interesting. You want to present your background and skills and traits and accomplishments in the most compelling and engaging way possible. Focus toward what you know and what has delivered value and made a difference to an organization.”