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Responsibilities Section of Job Posting Is Resume Fodder


Earlier this year, Jerome Young of wrote a blog post for entitled, How to Decode a Job Posting, which has implications for resume preparation. We’re looking at Young’s post in three entries here, starting with the job title, discussed in yesterday’s post. Today, responsibilities:
The responsibilities section describes what will be expected of the employee in the position. You’ll often find that there are five to 10 bullet points in this section, but in our research with recruiters and hiring managers we’ve found that the first three responsibilities are the most important. Job postings are usually based on a primary business need to which additional responsibilities are added to create a full-time position. Your résumé should focus on your experience, results and accomplishments in the tasks outlined in the first three bullets in the responsibilities section. Also you’ll find keywords in those first three bullets that recruiters will use in searching for qualified candidates.
Here, we’d emphasize the results and accomplishments Young cites. On your resume, tell the employer you can handle the required responsibilities by describing your successes and outcomes in carrying out similar responsibilities in past jobs.