Resume Action Verbs in Action: D-E


Continuing our series of excerpts from a Quintessential Careers tool that provides samples of how action verbs can be used in a resume:

“D” Action Verbs in Action

  • Decreased inbound volume into help-desk support systems by more than 20 percent by expanding and refining Comerica University program to encompass client base as well as internal associates, delivering Certified Equity Edge Expert program that trained clients to utilize online tools.
  • Define world area budgeting, forecasting, revenue, and profitability objectives.
  • Delighted management and employees by redesigning job descriptions, using a “Vision for Success” statement to illustrate successful job performance.
  • Delivered annual revenue of $1.5B annually across Europe/Middle East/Africa, accounting for 20 percent more revenue and profit than comparable operation in North America delivered.
  • Delivered presentations to American community on travel opportunities in Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.
  • Demonstrated product-knowledge growth and enhanced external customer contact through constant communication with some of the financial world’s most demanding and knowledgeable people – hedge fund managers, traders, and operations personnel.
  • Deploy excellent political skills and contacts to testify to New Jersey Education Finance Program task force and legislative committees about public education in New Jersey.
  • Designed E-Plan and managed software development, adaptation, and interface with regional and national hospital-provider market-share leaders.
  • Determine annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing sales and marketing strategies and analyzing trends and results.
  • Developed 5-10 year strategies and plans, identified and exploited new business opportunities to achieve objectives.
  • Devised strategic marketing and sales plans to improve revenues, market share, and profitability.
  • Discovered and identified significant differences among team’s provider organizations, as well as types of clients each served, types of services provided, organization size, and varying funding levels that threatened interference with focus on work plan.
  • Dissuaded venture capitalists from canceling $25-million investment client needed for upcoming payroll.
  • Doubled annual subscription revenue in both 1997 and 1998, to $4M/year in 23-country Eastern European market; refined sales strategy, negotiated new rate cards in selected markets, and appointed and established in-country business coordinator to provide more effective, localized sales approach.
  • Drafted and responded to motions; prepared and responded to discovery related to a complex litigation case set for trial.
  • Drew from project experience and co-authored three-part series of articles, on marketing for consultants, which was published in online organizational-development magazine.

“E” Action Verbs in Action

  • Earned Boys & Girls Club of the USA’s Association of Boys & Girls Club Professionals Award of Excellence in Leadership, Award of Excellence in Innovation, and Award of Excellence in Program Development.
  • Educate employees and the public about how School District earns its money; speak frequently at local service clubs and professional conferences, serve as guest lecturer for classes at local universities, and appear as TV/radio guest.
  • Emphasize excellent customer service internally and externally; created new ways of communicating with customers that helped increase enrollment for various programs by 75 percent over past two years.
  • Enabled company to sustain itself through industry downtimes by developing preplanned marketing initiatives and clear marketing strategy that can be updated as company goals
  • Encouraged upward mobility of females and minorities in professional Boys & Girls Club positions across upstate New York and secured training funds to provide them leadership development opportunities and job-related training.
  • Engineered $US 50 million annual technology spend; obtained technology savings/expense reductions of $US 4.5 million, including $US 0.7 million in technology employee and consultant staff reductions.
  • Enhanced processes, procedures and controls, as well as MIS development, throughout Accounting and Finance Division.
  • Enlisted internal staff, including marketing, operations, and systems developers, to QA-test system without increasing staffing costs.
  • Ensure that entire School District focuses on maximizing use of resources — not how to spend the budget but rather on programs that will best meet student needs and improve student achievement, as well as enhance operating effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Entered into successful barter deals that included extensive activity with government bodies in Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand, exchanging for rice, sugar, and wheat for the Philippines.
  • Escalated critical issues and implemented strategies for their timely resolution.
  • Established $1.4M annual revenue hotel business in region, representing 23 percent of all revenue from this market segment in Europe/Middle East/Africa.
  • Evaluated processes and implemented changes improving production and effectiveness as well as fiscal accounting procedures.
  • Examined markets and backtested trading theories using technical analysis of charts.
  • Exceeded plans for growth, achieving revenue of $100 million within two years while maintaining high profitability levels.
  • Excelled during more than 10 years as leader in Boys & Girls Club of the USA’s preeminent system of recruitment, training, and career education that develops mission-focused leaders for Boys & Girls Club movement.
  • Executed turnaround via non-cash acquisition of local equity, converting to wholly foreign owned; prepared thorough acquisition management analysis; neutralized and improved hostile shareholder relationships.
  • Expanded strategic alliance and public-relations activities.
  • Extended business field to China and Japan.