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Resume Action Verbs in Action: M-N-O


Continuing our series of excerpts from a Quintessential Careers tool that provides samples of how action verbs can be used in a resume:

“M” Action Verbs in Action

  • Maintained supportive, neutral posture and encouraged continuing collaboration and problem-solving strategies.
  • Managed successful launch of 3 Danish and Swedish customized entertainment networks.
  • Met goals ahead of schedule and assisted in strategic direction of product and business development.
  • Minimized wasteful spending and ensured consistency among schools by partnering with Facilities Division and Purchasing Departments to develop standardized furniture and equipment package for all new schools.
  • Modeled constructive group-member behavior to inspire team members to become active, constructive participants.
  • Monitored staff and program effectiveness to ensure residents received quality service at limited costs and free of liability by collaborating with board of directors to establish and implement policies and long-term plans.
  • Motivated 40-manager team; developed “zone concept” — implemented company-wide within a year — by dividing large team into smaller zones to focus on needs of those markets.

“N” Action Verbs in Action

  • Negotiated multi-million dollar aircraft upgrade proposals for company products and services supporting United Kingdom AH-64 Apache fleet.

“O” Action Verbs in Action

  • Obtained factual information concerning employee/management inquiries and/or complaints.
  • Opened channels of communication and encouraged team members to take active role in team development and accessing resources.
  • Orchestrated decrease in sales expenses by 20 percent while increasing sales productivity by expanding alliance partner network; increased hardware revenue by 9 percent to $4B.
  • Organized workforce and service flow for entire resort.
  • Oriented and trained new top-management team in product-line unique sales points and product sales strategies.
  • Outperformed peers in constructing online reports with Albuters and Infocast.
  • Overcame internal obstacles and ensured buy-in by product managers in new diamond technologies.
  • Oversee market development, financial management, and operational management.
  • Own, operate, and function as Senior Organization Consultant for international consulting/educating/training company specializing in improving individual and organizational performance.