Resume Action Verbs in Action: P-Q


Continuing our series of excerpts from a Quintessential Careers tool that provides samples of how action verbs can be used in a resume:

“P” Action Verbs in Action

  • Participated in developing and implementing unique computerized claims system.
  • Partnered with team leaders to design strategy to address conflicting priorities in separate forum, ensuring that conflicts identified would be followed up with team, resulting in sharper focus on priorities at hand, gradual ease of tensions, and increased team-member cooperation.
  • Performed legal research and drafted legal memoranda regarding employment law, personal injury, contract disputes, trademark law, and environmental law issues.
  • Planned for and co-facilitated monthly meetings of 20+-member group, assisted client in initial steps to develop outcome measures, and helped create outline for policies and procedures manual.
  • Played key role in business development, branding, planning, marketing, and Web design.
  • Practice health-care law, representing academic medical center.
  • Prepared experts and witnesses in fast-paced legal environment of firm dealing with construction defect, personal injury, and employment law.
  • Presented program to Boeing senior staff and company president, CEO, and founders.
  • Preside over all board meetings and perform executive-director functions.
  • Priced options deals using Derivatech and Bloomberg; calculated delta and vega hedges.
  • Prioritized annual must-do projects, introducing new products and programs, managing group’s product life-cycle efforts in optimizing inventory of standard and non-stock standard SKUs, market segmentation, and professional development for staff employees.
  • Procured funding through private grant to continue counseling program.
  • Produced business results and market-share growth, as measured by unit case volume sold in this region where business size is almost 50 percent of the entire Japan business.
  • Project-managed automated work centers, an $18M, state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facility for clinical trials manufacturing and R&D.
  • Promoted appropriate integration of evaluation system with other systems throughout Division, including performance contracting, continuous quality improvement, and management information system.
  • Promoted regularly throughout tenure at company.
  • Propelled company to met forecasted numbers and achieve 20 percent growth year over year in an industry where average growth was 10 percent by developing three-year strategic business plan to support growth and by partnering with other executives to identify opportunities and implement business strategies.
  • Provided ongoing support in both business and marketing strategies.
  • Purchased online assets of Z-Web, as part of group, acquiring two portals and built new

“Q” Action Verbs in Action

  • Qualified new accounts and grew revenue within territory.
  • Quoted current bid/ask and market interests for FX OTC options by telephone and Reuters.