Resume Action Verbs in Action: R


Continuing our series of excerpts from a Quintessential Careers tool that provides samples of how action verbs can be used in a resume:

“R” Action Verbs in Action

  • Ranked in top 1 percent of 300 officers; won Army Maintenance Effectiveness Award.
  • Re-engineered process management to improve overall productivity and operational cost efficiency by relocating plant and revising plant layout; reinforced cost-reduction program.
  • Realized $80 million in cost savings by implementing suggestion system.
  • Rebuilt Websites and set up new Web services producing more than $50,000/month.
  • Recommended and prepared project proposals to optimize business and production needs, thus facilitating corporate and divisional strategy.
  • Recruited to fill Director position as a result of outstanding job performance and timely delivery of initiatives while providing consulting services; implemented processes, standards and quality controls that increased organization’s operational maturity; planned and managed $2M annual budget.
  • Recruited executives to establish 1st distribution sales office.
  • Redesigned HR business processes, leveraging manager self-service via PeopleSoft.
  • Reduced machine inventory from $8 million to $2 million; created policies around use of trials and collaborated with Sales VP/Director to implement these policies.
  • Refined salary systems for all levels of employees with compensation programs that included stock options, 401(k), commissions, stock savings plans, bonus plans, and executive SERP plans.
  • Reinforced sales process implementation, focusing on step-by-step sales process, opportunity management, territory management, account management, sales strategy/target account selling, and development of business partner network.
  • Reorganized cooperating broker program and registration process to maximize profitability.
  • Represent clients regarding employment-related issues that typically arise in hospital and medical center settings.
  • Researched and implemented CRM system.
  • Restructured process management and network marketing of retail stations.
  • Reviewed and restructured health-benefit program without reducing benefits to employees; reduced cost from more than $2 million for 225 employees to just over $1.5 million for 600+ employees while improving claims payments and ability to introduce several wellness programs.
  • Revised European-designed products for introduction into US market.
  • Revitalized events and programs to reflect new organizational image; infused programming with latest technology and hottest speakers.
  • Revolutionized customers’ trade capturing processing for reducing intra-day trade risk; spearheaded real-time trade managing system on aggressive deadline schedule and collaborated with cross-functional teams, including system developers, marketing, QA, end-users, to determine system flow and implementation.
  • Rolled out program in two months.