Resume Action Verbs in Action: U-V-W


Completing our series of excerpts from a Quintessential Careers tool that provides samples of how action verbs can be used in a resume:

“U” Action Verbs in Action

  • Updated Employee Handbook; wrote and implemented policies and procedures for smooth business operations.
  • Use strong presentation skills to speak frequently at events on behalf of School District to tout the Districts’ smoothly operating business and support functions to school communities and the public.

“V” Action Verbs in Action

  • Verified trades and hedges; reconciled daily accounts.
  • Visited college campuses to screen and interview prospective math, science, and language arts teachers.
  • Volunteered to take on name-change project for 100+-year-old organization and teamed up with CEO to help move project forward.

“W” Action Verbs in Action

  • Won Individual Achievement Award of Excellence for performance.
  • Wrote arbitration briefs and responses to EEOC charges.