“Resume Cover Letter” Combines Best of Cover Letter and Resume


Jimmy Sweeney, president of CareerJimmy and author of the www.Amazing-Cover-Letters.com calls the “Resume Cover Letter” one of two powerful types of cover letters that few people know about. For the other one, see this post. Says Jimmy Sweeney:
The resume cover letter is a two-for-one because it combines the best of a cover letter and resume. Here is a tool you’ll want to use again and again because it can catch the interest of headhunters, recruiters, and placement agencies where brevity and speed are essential. It also works well for networking because it is brief and easy to scan. Pull together the most important points from your resume and put them in a bulleted list within the letter itself. Limit yourself to one page. This amazing document will help you make your point, ask for what you want, and produce results — the job you’re looking for.