Resume Has No Material Related to New Career


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Christina writes: Please help me out. I recently graduated from a local travel agency course. I have no experience in the field. All of my work experiences have been in dead-end fast food jobs. How to I work my resume for my new travel career without making it look empty?
The Career Doctor responds: Experiment with a chrono-functional resume, which is organized around skills clusters. What you need to do is examine the skills you’ve acquired through all your experiences (and not just the fast-food work) and determine which ones are best transferable to your new career as a travel agent. We usually talk of transferable skills as falling into five major categories: communications; research and planning; human relations; organization, management, and leadership; and work survival. The key is identifying those key skills. I suggest you read the article, Strategic Portrayal of Transferable Skills is a Vital Job-search Technique. Once you’ve completed the analysis of your transferable skills, the next step is developing your chrono-functional resume. A good article for you to read — including links to some sample functional resumes — is this one: Should You Consider a Functional Resume? One caution: Many employers don’t like any type of functional resume, so plan to have a chronological resume available if the chrono-functional version isn’t working for you.