Resume Items that Most Catch an Employer's Eye


A ResumeBucket study reveals that only 2.2 of of surveyed employers identified a candidate’s school as the most important area of a resume. Other items getting very little attention from employers were interesting extracurricular activities, unique resume format and location or proximity. Employers gave a little more attention to industry certifications. piechart.jpg As shown on the pie chart at right and the key to it below (and as reported in yesterday’s post), employers gave the most attention to results and accomplishments, the list of previous employers, and tailoring to the specific job, and . The findings come from a survey sent to 1,500 HR managers and recruiters of the employers that currently use ResumeBucket’s services. The 10-question survey sampled recruiters’ plans for hiring in Q4 and into 2011; what stands out in a resume; and what tools they use to find candidates. KeytoPie.jpg